Founded in New York in 2010 by Nick Brown, SOLUDOS brings a fresh new look to the timeless classic summer espadrille.

The new look combines the highest quality natural eco-friendly jute and cotton in a wonderful array of striking colours and prints. Double stitching, inner lining and a custom shape add to the modern lifestyle aesthetic making Soludos the perfect shoe for the beach, the city and everywhere in between.


SOLUDOS is derived from a combination of the Spanish word for ‘Cheers’ and ‘Sol’ for sun.

Inspired by their global wanderings, SOLUDOS design timeless footwear that has a unique Mediterranean flair.

The brand is renowned for their espadrilles. Every espadrille made by SOLUDOS has been handstitched using traditional methods that have practiced for centuries throughout Spain. The time and detail spent makes each and every pair special and unique.

Handmade espadrilles also have more cushioning,  fit better and last longer than their machine-made counterparts.


SOLUDOS are beautiful, but not great for vigorous activity. You can keep them in good shape longer by keeping them dry, especially the jute soles. Try and avoid the rain and washing machine to maximize the life of your SOLUDOS. A damp cloth can remove dirt from the cotton  or leather upper of your SOLUDOS. We also  recommend mixing a little laundry detergent with water in a small cup and use an old  toothbrush to gently brush your jute sole.


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